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3 days to go... Announcing with great joy the release of my Lugano recordings at the RSI Auditorio Stelio Molo on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram / My work «Aléations», composed for my daughter Alexa comprises an Aria and 15 Variations. They will be released individually first, every 3 days, and then in total length. Happy to share this with you!


Recorded by the ingenious Daniel Dettwiler,  idee und klang with his Vintage Microphones, mixed at his beautiful and rare CADAC Console in Himmelried / Video by the amazing Benedikt Schnermann,  who has worked for Herbert Grönemeyer among others / Produced by Jean-Baptiste Müller and my dear friend Jean-Paul Brodbeck,  the visionary pianist & composer.

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Photos by Daniel Dettwiler, Idee und Klang Studio

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© Jean-Baptiste Müller, 2022

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